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remove note template
move sparkline and chatterbox to sidebar
add linkmap and some tweaks
add chatterbox
remove actions
wmd/pagedown integration css tweaks
New OpenID delegation
fix up config files
change from id #sidebar to class .sidebar
get rid of the auto-generated tags only
Revert "get rid of tags -- they seem to be auto-generated"
This reverts commit a91670a0d95d7a31cfd19a534e0ac7cbd7739f99.
get rid of tags -- they seem to be auto-generated
get rid of the "David Sarnoff" quote
creating tag page tags/tags/FreeBSD
creating tag page tags/tags/tech
update all the default files with content
add zfsboot article and files
add images
add local.css and theme files
get rid of archives.mdwn
add Makefile
add .htaccess file
initial commit